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Breeders of Cormo and California Red Sheep

We are breeders of registered Cormo Sheep and California Red Sheep. Our Cormo fleece and California Red Fleece is sold here. We sell Cormo Batts and Cormo roving in many colors.

We sell felting and needle felting Cormo roving and batts in assortments of color. Hand spinners love to spin our custom Cormo batts and Cormo roving. We are a fiber farm serving the needs of fiber artists. There is nothing like a good fresh fleece!

Our California Red Lambs and Cormo lambs are expected in April and May 2016. That is the time to add our wonderful champion blood lines to your flock or start a new flock of your own. We are proud to be the ones who brought the California Reds to the east coast.  Our efforts to bring California Reds east has made it possible to establish new flocks in six eastern states.  Our seven California Red stud rams assure a diversity of bloodlines to new California Red flocks.  We enjoy helping new shepherds and always offer free consulting.   

If you want a few sheep  for a hand spinners flock or to keep as pets we always have some nice pet quality animals available each spring.  We invite you to look around our web site and contact us for more information

I have written a number of articles about Cormo and California Red Sheep.  One of these informative articles about the financial advantages of both Cormos and California Reds can be viewed online in the July-August 2003 issue of Sheep Magazine.

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