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California Red Sheep

Breed Origin
California Red Sheep are one of the truly American breeds that were developed right here in the United States. The breed came about not through some accidental crossing of sheep but rather through the careful scientific selection of genetic characteristics essential to the creation of a great breed of sheep. This work was done by Dr Spurlock of the University of California at Davis in the 1970s. These valuable characteristics were carefully preserved in the California Red Sheep breed by responsible breeders and a responsible Breed Registry. Today we are pleased to be a part of this American heritage and present to you a select breed worthy of your consideration.

What Do California Red Sheep Look Like?
First of all... words will not do it! You must see these sheep in person. The color is so beautiful it rivals an Irish Setter. Can you imagine color like that and a soft light cream colored fleece on just the body while the entire head, legs and belly have red short hair. A striking animal with great dignity.