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Apple Rose Farm
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Peru, NY  12972

Splitting a Fleece

We will assist you if you wish to split a fleece with a friend and ship to 2 addresses at your request. We will also take order for less than a whole fleece and try to match you up with a person who wishes to do the same.


We accept money order, check or Paypal cash transfers (credit cards are accepted through paypal) Place orders directly by
e-mailing us at

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Cormo Fleece Sales

Cormo Fleece - sheared March 2014 
Thank you to all the people who made our fleece sale a success. We will not have any more Cormo fleece available until March 2015. Contact us to get on the 2015 fleece notification list.

Be sure to see our large selection of roving and top.
Beautiful natural white Cormo roving is available at $2.25/ounce.


Our Cormo fleece is covered half of the year. When it is uncovered it can pick up a little veggie. We skirt our fleece to remove as much soiled fleece as possible. We offer a 100% refund policy on fleece that has not been torn apart and is returned within 10 days of purchase. You pay return postage. The fleece must weigh the same when returned as when we sold it.

Cormo Fleece should be washed as soon after you buy it as possible. Very hot water (140 degrees) should be used throughout the washing and rinsing process. DO NOT use boiling water or simmer the dirty fleece to wash it. We use Arm Hammer laundry detergent.

Cormo fleece is excellent for spinning fine lace weight yarns and other types of yarn. Cormo fleece takes dye well and beutiful colored batts, roving and yarn can be produced. Cormo fleece is the fleece of choice for many people who make baby clothes. Cormo garments have a wonderful next to the skin softness.

If you have any questions about Cormo please contact us. We have washed hundreds of pounds. We also sell Cormo roving all ready for you to spin up at $2.25/ounce or $36.00/pound.

Return Policy
We want you to be completely satisfied with the products you buy from us. We will give a 100% refund within 10 days with no questions asked. The fleece must be in the same condition it went out and weigh the same when we receive it back. Please open and examine the fleece immediately upon receipt. This is the time for you to determine if you are satisfied with the fleece. Do not tear pieces off the fleece or wash it as this will change both the size and condition of the fleece. We are not responsible for the way you wash the fleece. Please see washing directions on our site. The same goes for roving and batts. We will not refund postage. Partial refunds will not be given. Please contact to let us know if an item is being returned.

Be sure to see our large selection of roving and top.