California Red Sheep for Sale

Breed Origin

California Red Sheep are one of the truly American breeds that were developed right here in the United States. The breed came about not through some accidental crossing of sheep but rather through the careful scientific selection of genetic characteristics essential to the creation of a great breed of sheep. This work was done by Dr Spurlock of the University of California at Davis in the 1970s. These valuable characteristics were carefully preserved in the California Red Sheep breed by responsible breeders and a responsible Breed Registry. Today we are pleased to be a part of this American heritage and present to you a select breed worthy of your consideration.

California Red Sheep
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California Red Sheep

California Red Sheep Characteristics

Practical Lambing Characteristics of California Red Sheep

Not just the most beautiful of creatures but so practical. You don't have to shear the legs and belly. New born lambs can nurse without any effort on your part. All they have to do is look up and there's dinner. No searching around in a thick fleece wondering which thing gives milk. Best of all you don't have to tip up a pregnant sheep to shear away the fleece so junior can find his dinner. California Reds are a breeders dream.

Out of Season Breeding of California Red Sheep

California Red Sheep even breed out of season, so you can schedule lambing to suit your own needs. Just get ready to expect twins and sometimes triplets. Most California Red Sheep are great mothers and take the extra lambs in stride. These sheep do not need to be coddled. They lamb on pasture and go about their business. These are very hardy sheep intended to be range animals. Gives you time to be a spectator instead of a mid-wife. The California Red Sheep are a very healthy breed not prone to illness.

Gentle Easy to Manage Sheep

California Red Sheep are gentle, sweet creatures who tame down to pet status if that's what you want. Given half a chance one will follow you around and help you garden. They love to eat weeds and brush. Mine watch my front door and run to the pasture fence to see if I'm going to pull weeds out of the flower beds. There's no more compost pile at my house. My California Red Sheep recycle the weeds into wonderfully easy to dispense fertilizer pellets.

Need a Future Farmers of America 4H Project ?

Just take a California Red Sheep into a show and watch all the heads turn! Be prepared to answer a lot of questions. Everyone loves them. They show well and the California Red Sheep Breed Registry has a great point card and clearly stated breed standard to help judges new to the breed.

Are You a Hand Spinner or Weaver?

This is the breed for you. The fleece or California Red Sheep has an interesting color range from light oatmeal to a faint raspberry undertone. There may be light gold to cinnamon red hairs intermixed throughout. Hand spinners and weavers find this exciting combination very desirable. The staple length ranges from three to six inches long and measures in the 50 to 60's by the Bradford count, 30's micron count. Can't you just imagine a wonderful sweater or fiber arts project?

Want to Produce Excellent Tasting Meat?

This lean delicate tasting meat is unequaled in tenderness and taste. Yes, it's the OTHER white meat. So good your customers will seek you out and get on a waiting list. Commercially, California Red Sheep produce an excellent meat product with just pasture and hay. This is not an expensive breed to feed up to market weight. Combine this with the fact that they are prolific breeders and you have a great business opportunity.